Mooserboden Reservoir in Kaprun

The Mooserboden Reservoir is located Kaprun is a municipality in the Zell am See District in the state of Salzburg, Austria.

Mooserboden Reservoir near Kaprun, Austria

The stunning scenery includes two massive hydroelectric dams that have created deep reservoirs, including Mooserboden, pictured here. The dams were first planned in 1920, but the Great Depression halted any actual work.

Ref: Bing


Veronica Anne Roth

Veronica Anne Roth is the author and short story writer from New York. Her famous work includes Divergent Trilogy.

Veronica Roth


  • Her debut  book  ‘Divergent’ was published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in 2011
  • Summit Entertainment purchased the media right 2011 and make film adaption of the book, Divergent
  • The first film was released  in march 21 2014.
  • The film was gathered  $288,747,895  and make the author busy.