‘Remains of the Day’

‘Remains of the Day ‘ – is a English Novel by Japanese-born British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. The fictions was won the Man Booker Prize for  fiction in 1989.

  • The film adaption of the fictions was done in 1993, featuring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thomson and late Peter Vaughan, who passed away recently.
  • The film was won nomination for eight Academy Awards.

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Peter Vaughan




Confluence or Conflux

Where is conflux of a river ?

Where the two or more rivers intersects

In geography, a confluence is the meeting of two or more bodies of water. Also known as a conflux, it refers either to the point where a tributary joins a larger river.

Here is some interesting facts about the confluence

Confluence – History

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The Mississippi and Minnesota River Confluence

Mauna Kea: largest volcano on Earth

Mauna Kea one of the five volcano which formed the Island of Hawaii, U.S State of Hawaii

  • It standing at 4,207 m above sea level
  • The top of the dormant volcano is the highest point in the Island
  • The 10,000 m tall, making it the world’s tallest mountain from base to summit
  • The volcano was active  6,000 to 4,000 years ago ,First ascent: 1794,Last eruption: 1984
  • It included in the Pacific ring of fire

It also  historically considered as largest volcano on Earth

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