Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park

Where you can find Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park ?

It is a wild topography of rift valleys and steep crags, located in Valencia, Spain



Where did  Baroque architecture, a building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century?


Gustav III´s Museum of Antiquities

  • Gustav III put enough efforts for gathering a collection of fine art till 1794.
  • After his time span, the royal family opened the palace to the public where the Gustav III’s Museum of was organized.
  • The Royal Palace is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.

Gustav III´s Museum of Antiquities in Stockholm Palace, Sweden

Baroque architecture is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy

Njegoš’ Mausoleum

  • The tomb housing is located in Lovćen National Park of Montenegro
  • The Mausoleum kept the remains of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.
  • He was a 19th-century philosopher and poet whose epic poems had a lasting influence on the literature of both Montenegro and Serbia
  • Njegoš was granted the title of prince-bishop and ruled Montenegro for a time, hoping to unite Serbian people across the Balkans.
  • The housing was called Atop Mount Lovćen

Njegoš’ Mausoleum in Lovćen National Park, Montenegro

World’s largest gypsum dunefield

Where you can find the world’s largest gypsum dunefield?

New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument [U.S.A]

White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

The monument is located at Sate of New Mexico on the north side of Route 70 about 16 miles southwest of Alamogordo in western Otero County and northeastern Doña Ana County

  • The rolling dunes aren’t ordinary waves of sand—they’re made of chalky sulfate mineral
  •  It covers 275 square miles of desert
  • The  White Sands is home to a variety of insects, reptiles, and even amphibian