having rough, sharp points protruding:
“the jagged edges gashed their fingers” · “soothing her jagged nerves”

Gustav III´s Museum of Antiquities

  • Gustav III put enough efforts for gathering a collection of fine art till 1794.
  • After his time span, the royal family opened the palace to the public where the Gustav III’s Museum of was organized.
  • The Royal Palace is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.

Gustav III´s Museum of Antiquities in Stockholm Palace, Sweden

Baroque architecture is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy

Njegoš’ Mausoleum

  • The tomb housing is located in Lovćen National Park of Montenegro
  • The Mausoleum kept the remains of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.
  • He was a 19th-century philosopher and poet whose epic poems had a lasting influence on the literature of both Montenegro and Serbia
  • Njegoš was granted the title of prince-bishop and ruled Montenegro for a time, hoping to unite Serbian people across the Balkans.
  • The housing was called Atop Mount Lovćen

Njegoš’ Mausoleum in Lovćen National Park, Montenegro