Njegoš’ Mausoleum

  • The tomb housing is located in Lovćen National Park of Montenegro
  • The Mausoleum kept the remains of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.
  • He was a 19th-century philosopher and poet whose epic poems had a lasting influence on the literature of both Montenegro and Serbia
  • Njegoš was granted the title of prince-bishop and ruled Montenegro for a time, hoping to unite Serbian people across the Balkans.
  • The housing was called Atop Mount Lovćen

Njegoš’ Mausoleum in Lovćen National Park, Montenegro

Rotonda di San Lorenzo

Wher you can find Rotonda di San Lorenzo?

Rotonda di San Lorenzo is the s a religious building in Mantua, Lombardy (northern Italy).

Rotonda di San Lorenzo in Mantua, Italy

  • It was built during the reign of the Canossa family in the late 11th century.
  • Inspired by the Holy Sepulchre church in Jerusalem
  • Dedicated to the martyr St. Lawrence
  • It portraying the Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, dates to 15th century