Sandwich Island and James cook

He was the first rst European to reach sandwich Island. 

Sandwich Island now known as Hawaiian Islands.

James cook also known for the first person, recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.


First Youngest President of France

Napoleon III, the nephew and heir of most famous ruler of France, Napoleon I.

He was the first head of state of France to hold the tittle of President and the youngest president of France till the election Emanuel Macron in 2017.

He also hold record for longest serving head of the state of France since the French revolution.

He was the first elected by popular vote

High Sierra Trail – Granite wall

Where you can find “High Sierra Trail” featuring a granite wall ?

Precipice Lake, Sequoia National Park, USA

Environmentalist photographer Ansel Adams captured the scene of the granite wall stand against the icy water, back in 1932, which was a black and white picture. Following is a picture from the current day.

Precipice Lake, Sequoia National Park, USA

The park is also famous for ancient to behemoth trees and world’s largest single-stem tree, a sequoia.